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Rudy Bauer is a clinical psychologist and practioner of phenomenology and dzogchen awareness. Sharon is a psychotherapist and has practiced and taught meditation for 30 years.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beach Note

At sunrise, the absence of activity on the beach is a natural time for meditation or gazing.  It is pure dharmakaya.  Nothingness.  Emptiness.  But, full of life.  So soft, these sweet smelling breezes, ocean sounds, all the senses mingling, sand beneath, water all around, and sky above.  Nothing to cling to...nothing to abide by, nowhere to go.  Just sitting and embodying everything at once as the mind’s boundaries merge with the limitless scene extending in all directions.   There is a support that is so gentle but so strong, to go inside, suspend the mind and glide on the light of the dawn.  It is so easy to drink in the nature of compassion here.  It is on my face as this gentle wind brushes through waves, through the wings of the single sea bird flying in to catch the first bite of the day, through the toes resting in the cool sand. The reflection of the water is in my soul which is oceanic this morning.  My soul is full of this water which rocks me and lulls me into a certain atmospheric peace with beauty as it’s essence.  My eyes are soft and drop to the ground gathering diamonds in the sand.  Wherever my eyes go, there is a piece of God’s body, standing naked in the pastel hued expanse.  Wet, soft, breeze, warm, lovely, ocean, sand, shells, sky, and all the unseen life in the ocean and in the sand is the appearance.  Where I sit amidst this pristine golden light, I am a reflection of love, reflecting love.  An endless circle of reflections, a mandala of this moment, stretches out beyond my toes, into the space where the sea meets the sky.
As the moments pass, more activity appears on this scene..and the sound of OM is taken deeper into my being.  Resonating in the cave of my heart, the music of the day begins from this primal note.

written by Karen Ferguson

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